Khalisol gets ambitious and lets his emotions flow on latest EP ISO

What does a rapper from Albuquerque sound like?  New Mexico isn’t the first place you may think of when it comes to hip-hop hotspots, but Khalisol is here to change that up.  He credits his upbringing in Albuquerque with making him the ambitious creative that he is today.  His latest body of work is an EP titled ISO, which embodies the state the MC finds himself in after a bad breakup in the midst of his best year musically.

“I had just exited a long and bad relationship along with having a very high year within my music career on top of many life and mental issues that made me isolate to better myself and look within,” said Khalisol.  “I just focused on my kids and music and just created freely.”

“This EP is dedicated to [the idea that] things that take action but also, understand you have to find yourself…the story within the project takes you on a journey of me getting out and finding my passion, losing my love and ultimately realizing my ego has been in control,” he added.

Sonically, ISO is laid back rap at its finest.  The intro track starts the project off on a jazzy, introspective note, while “Safe House” turns the energy up in a lowkey way that compliments Khalisol’s potent bars.  “EGOS TALE” — the EP’s closer — flips the script, with skittering hi-hats and 808s combining with an ethereal synth to create something that ties the project up nicely.

The production on ISO was handled mostly by Khalisol himself, with co-production from Neku and fellow Albuquerque native Armaan.  His creative team is strengthened by Rakimalnur and Neku, who help Khalisol decide which banger to drop next.  Keeping the creativity flowing is what Khalisol is all about, and it’s showing in his latest works.

“I like to utilize creative ears I appreciate and respect to help me put forth my best work for the world to hear,” he said.

So, what’s next for New Mexico’s hottest up and coming artist?  Well, he’s just relocated to the West Coast and has got performances lined up all summer long.  He’s going to keep dropping singles after the EP and hinted at “other ventures” in store.  In the meantime, Khalisol is going to continue to isolate himself from the rest of the up and comers in the rap game with his versatile and unique flows.  It’s only a matter of time before he reaches the top.