Gucci Mane Disses Diddy With Relentless “TakeDat” Track, Music Video

Gucci Mane isn’t holding back on Diddy. Wop released fiery diss track “TakeDat” and an accompanying music video on Wednesday (April 24). He posted the track to his Instagram, where he declared that “TakeDat” is the “hardest song of the summer.”

The video channels the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Big Poppa” video with Diddy-esque shots of Gucci chilling in a hot tub with women. Gucci also has his wife, Keyshia Ka’Oir, in place of Misa Hylton. Additional visuals focus on the rapper showing off his chains and breathtaking views of the tropical locale. 

Lyrically, Wop gets into his 2006 Gucci bag with his ruthlessness. He pokes fun at Diddy’s multitude of sexual allegations. Gucci also ends each of the song’s hooks with “No Diddy,” playing on the famous “pause” joke. The Atlanta native even refers to Combs as a “h*e” and alludes to various accusations against the mogul and those in his camp. 

One bar in particular referenced Combs allegedly paying Yung Miami to be his sex worker and traffic drugs for him, like the infamous “pink cocaine.” “I got a young Miami bi**h from the city/I’m spendin’ money like a trick, no Diddy/ I rock pissy yellow diamonds, no Diddy/ But she can’t be underage, no Diddy,” he raps.

Gucci continues later in the verse, referencing Diddy’s “drug mule” getting arrested. Gu Wop also takes aim at the embattled musician for allegedly blowing up Kid Cudi‘s car and implies that Diddy was the one who got Biggie killed. 

“Play with Wop and get popped, no Diddy/She on the pills and the coke, no Diddy/I keep a mule for the dope, no Diddy/Diamonds dancin’ on my chest, no Diddy/But I blow a ni**a car up like Kid Cudi’s/I’m on the yacht, takin’ shots, no Diddy/Pay for top from the thot, no Diddy/Some ni**as wanna boss me, I’m not 50/But get a ni**a a** touched like Biggie, no Diddy.”

Upon release, 50 Cent praised the music video and track. He took to Instagram, where he reposted the visuals and offered his thoughts on Gucci dissing Combs. “Oh sh*t ?WOP TOOK DA HIT this [ni**a] Diddy POPPED, That’s what you get,” he typed. 

Since Cassie‘s bombshell lawsuit in November 2023, Sean Combs has faced numerous disturbing allegations, including gang-rape, sexual assault, abuse, sex trafficking and more. 

Watch the video above.