GoodGuyDavid1 Levels-Up & Drops New Visuals “Flying Part 2” 

Maryland-based rapper David Vanison, best known as GoodGuyDavid1 levels-up and drops a brand new music video for his latest track titled “Flying Part 2.” GoodGuyDavid1’s new release, “Flying Part 2,” will be among the other tracks to be listed in his upcoming album to be simply titled David. As he raps about overcoming the many obstacles he’s had and still has to face in his life, the skilled emcee manages to inspire the audience from beginning to end. 

Prior to dropping “Flying Part 2,” GoodGuyDavid1 was mostly known as the creator of the EP God’s World, and for his live performances at SongByrd Record Cafe In DC but also at Madam’s Organ (and Boundary Stone.