Flo Milli Surprises Fans With Cardi B, SZA Remix Of “Never Lose Me”

Flo Milli has assembled a Hip-Hop and R&B dream team for her next release. Her widely popular track, “Never Lose Me,” is receiving the VIP remix treatment, and she tapped Cardi B and SZA for the task. The Alabama native announced the collaboration by using a Cardi bar as the caption on social media.

“POP UP GUESS WHO B*TCH,” she typed, referencing “Press” by the Bronx rapper. “NEVER LOSE ME REMIX FT @sza & @iamcardib TONIGHT (March 15).” The attached video features Flo and Cardi wearing all black outfits and sleek, long tresses that flow past their waists.

“Never Lose Me” was released in November 2023 and has since peaked to No. 18 on the Hot 100, a career best. It also took social media by storm and topped the TikTok Billboard chart at No. 1.

SZA and Cardi aren’t the only artist who wanted to join in on the record’s success. Lil Yachty officially added his guest verse in December 2023, and Bryson Tiller did the same by the end of that month.

Earlier this month, the You Still Here , Ho ? artist caught up with Billboard and detailed the studio session when she made the hit. “I was in the studio all night, and I wasn’t really focused,” said Flo. “I was working on other stuff for my project, and then right when I was about to leave, I asked the engineer to pull up this beat — that’s when I started rapping. For the ‘Never Lose Me’ part, I’m such a perfectionist: Until I get a line right and it sounds like how it sounds in my head, I’ll do it so many times. I just kept saying, ‘You never wanna lose me.’ I wasn’t expecting it to blow. I was just doing it for me,” she said.

Revisit the official music video for “Never Lose Me” down below.