Eljé Releases Infectious New Single “Stuck In Our Ways”

Eljé is following up her lauded debut single with an irresistible new offering entitled  “Stuck In Our Ways” (in collaboration with Jack Marlow). “Stuck In Our Ways” showcases another dynamic to Eljé. Merging heartwarming vocal tones with real and connectable lyricism, the track provides a refreshing take on house music whilst lyrically tugging at the heartstrings. The single has a colourful backing that features danceable beats, liquid-esc bass and heartwarming synths. As always, “Stuck In Our Ways” comes as a textually diverse single that will be sure to pull you in and leave you immersed in the track’s ever-changing musical layers.

Speaking about the single, she says: “The track is about wanting to be with someone but knowing it’s not the right time. It’s a track of mine that really helped me navigate those feelings!

Vocalist Eljé hails from North London, and has quickly become a rising star. Her tracks are reminiscent of the city – cosmopolitan, busy and exciting. Her musically diverse, signature vocal line works hand in glove with fast-paced instrumentals creating her own signature sound. Finding her voice at the age of 10, it’s clear that Eljé has found her musical niche, merging and being influenced by Garage, Rap and urban music in general.

Her sonic ability was picked up on TikTok and quickly lauded by fans. Notable figures and tastemakers began to appreciate what was in front of them also. Eljé’s refreshing take on Garage has come as unexpected as needed, but has been appreciated nonetheless.

The future looks so bright, and we can’t wait to see where she’ll take this.