Desert Kingz Pour Their Soul Into A New Rap Titled “We Bleed”

Desert Kingz drop a brand new music video titled “We Bleed” shot by Brannustudios. The Sierra Vista, Arizona-based duo of rappers, Diesol and Lord Jungle, have been friends and music passionate since their high school years, when they built a home studio and began recording their songs. The pair’s latest track, “We Bleed,” ideally symbolizes their aim to revolutionize hip hop through a raw and energetic approach that focuses on real matters rather than the usual trivial topics most rappers rap about. 

This new track sees the pair talk about Civil War and racism, and the music video released for the occasion does a perfect job at translating all the messages through a carefully selected imagery in which old footage of people being arrested for protests can be seen.Desert Kingz’ most popular releases include “Pride” and “Flames,” two timeless tracks that also push forward the pair’s vision of tomorrow’s urban culture mission in terms of the kind of messages it promotes to younger generations.