Cristina Mackey Teases Breakup Song About Rick Ross: “Don’t Ask Me Where I’m At”

Cristina Mackey has much to sing about following her split from Rick Ross after their six-month relationship. The singer and personal trainer teased an unreleased single while on Instagram Live, where she expressed how “down” she was for the MMG boss and even mentions the new lady he was spotted with.

“Do you guys want me to play it? I’mma play it. I don’t need your permission,” she began on Live before singing the lyrics.

“See you with another chick/ But I don’t give a f**k,” she began. “You got me switching lanes/ I caught you slipping, what you going to do for redemption?/ When they leave like that, they come back around/ Don’t ask me where I’m at/ Not your problem/ It ain’t none of your business/ I ain’t never leave the house for you, now, I really got it out for you/ It was never ’bout the money or the clout with you/ You know I was really down for you/ Now you asking for forgiveness.”

Mackey announced her breakup from Ross on Threads earlier this month, while deeming their six-month relationship “beautiful.”

She wrote, “I’ve never experienced ‘getting left.’ I’m just not docile. I don’t feel played; the sales on are thriving and I’m grateful. The situation was beautiful and I meant every word during our amazing six-month run. If others are upset about my joy/pride in the moment, that’s their stress to bear.”

“We had a clean break two weeks ago, and I never pretended to be the last,” she continued. “I embrace both negative and positive traction with love. And no, I won’t be appearing on anybody’s podcast.”

A day prior to Mackey’s breakup announcement, Ross was seen attending a Miami Heat and Detroit Pistons game court side with an unknown woman.

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