Chlöe, Elle Varner, Jade Novah, And More New R&B For The Good Life

How good does it feel to be an R&B fan? This week, musical stars are putting their best foot forward with a lively array of releases and things are heading up.

Chlöe is requesting to ignore societal, power dynamics in romantic relationships. Elle Varner is proud to be Black. Jade Novah merged the worlds of cinema and music with her first full-length release in years. Kenyon Dixon is reviving the soul of the ’70s. Ledisi is celebrating the good life. Eric Bellinger is bringing the party to the bedroom. 4batz is expressing his vulnerable side. Samara Joy is honoring Shirley Chisholm. Cat Burns opens up about the pros and cons of being alone and PxRRY has recruited two fellow male crooners to put the mystique back in the music.

So, whether or you’re living the good life in solitude, these new R&B selects were made for your listening pleasure.

Chlöe – “FYS”

Following the release of her debut album, In Pieces, Chlöe returns with her new single, “FYS.” On the song (which is short for “f**k your status”), the songbird details how money and status mean nothing when it comes to matters of the heart and matters of the bedroom. “Don’t faze me, I been had it/ F**k your status (Had it)/ I just, just wanna love you, baby,” she sings on the chorus. The record was initially supposed to be an interlude. Thankfully, she released it as a full song.

Elle Varner – “Black”

Following the death of her father, Elle Varner has ended her five-year hiatus and is ready to shake up the R&B scene again her powerful single, “Black.” It’s an ode and love letter to how much she loves being Black. It also comes at the perfect time as Black History Month ends and Women’s History Month begins. The record is vibrant, upbeat, and is something to make her parents proud. She’s shared that this is the first of many releases, but she first had to end BHM “proper.”

Jade Novah – Where Have I Been?

Jade Novah has released her first album in four years. It’s a concept album that includes scripted dialogue from a host of characters and new music for your listening pleasure. The LP takes you on a journey as Jade reflects on her youth and past relationships, ultimately revealing how words of affirmation became her love language.

Do not skip around—at least not on the first listen; otherwise, parts of the greater story won’t make sense. The project features Leslie Odom Jr., Gail Bean, Tabitha Brown, Wayne Brady, Kenyon Dixon, Tony Baker, and Tarriona “Tank” Ball.

Kenyon Dixon – The R&B You Love: Soul Of The ’70s

After giving us the R&B many love with his 2023 LP, Kenyon Dixon is diving deeper with the first installment of the deluxe edition.

He explained in a statement, “The R&B You Love [LP] is all about exploring the different eras of R&B/Soul and showcasing how they’ve inspired me. With the Deluxe album(s), I wanted to take a non-traditional approach and instead, expand on those eras and create more music that gives the acknowledgment of those moments even more context. So here’s a way to reimagine some tunes you’ve already fell in love with.” This piece of the puzzle is dedicated to the soul of the ’70s and features his Grammy-nominated hit, “Lucky.”

Ledisi – Good Life

This album is the epitome of feel-good. It’s sexy, electric, mesmerizing, and represents all the things needed for a good life. Not to mention, Ledisi is singing her butt off on records like “I Need To Know,” “Stay Here Tonight,” and the Kenny Lattimore-assisted duet “Perfect Strangers.” A current standout is “Magic (Voila).” “Let’s recreate that magic/ That ‘ooo I gotta have it’/ Like I’m a feen and you’re a habit, Voila,” she sings enchantingly on the chorus. It just makes you want to find a juke joint and sway your hips on a perfect stranger in a moment of heat.

After a three-year absence, this LP was worth it. “My new baby is out in the world. I tried to do a video to say, ‘THANK YOU’ but I keep crying tears of joy. I hope this heals you and it makes you feel good. God thank you for music. ?? 3 years @rexkrideout and we finally finished,” Ledisi expressed on Instagram following the release.

Eric Bellinger – The Rebirth 3: The Party & The Bedroom

Eric Bellinger has done it again and brought together some musical heavyweights for a sonic experience that brings the party to the bedroom and beyond. On The Rebirth 3, Bellinger is joined by the likes of Sevyn Streeter, Ty Dolla $ign, Queen Naija, Ne-Yo, Tone Stith, Zae France, and more for an eclectic mix of feels, vibes, and immersive moments. It’s hard to pick standouts because the album, itself, is a cohesive, succinct story from start to finish. We urge you to simply press play and get lost in this rebirth.

Samara Joy – “Why I’m Here”

For Netflix’s new biopic, Shirley, Samara Joy partnered with PJ Morton for the riveting track, “Why I’m Here.” The anthemic tune plays during the film’s end credits and fully encapsulates all that Shirley Chisholm represented, whether it’s realized or not. Samara also noted in a statement, “Regina King’s portrayal of Chisholm only cements the importance of being persistent in the face of adversity and remembering why we all are here: to help one another.” PJ added about the collaboration, “It’s an honor to put music to such an important and inspiring story. And then to do it with one of my favorite new voices today just made it even more special.”

Cat Burns – “alone”

Cat Burns is such a dynamic phenom overseas and she deserves just as much of a presence here in the States. The South London-bred songbird is back with her new single, “alone,” which marks the beginning of a new era. As her soul-stirring tone compliments the fluttering melody, Burns sings of her desire for company and companionship. Being alone isn’t bad, but she doesn’t want it to be permanent. After teasing the record over the past few months, fans have praised the fact that it was indeed worth the wait.

4batz – “act iii: on god? (she like)

Viral sensation 4batz is captivating audiences yet again with his new release, “act iii: on god (she like).” This is another peek into the 4batz’s vulnerability from the grander story he’s sharing with his fans. With just two songs to his name—”act i: stickers ’99” and “act ii: date @ 8,” the singer had already amassed over 2.5 million streams on Spotify and co-signs from SZA, Drake, Ye, and more. Though the 20-year-old is still a mystery and a walking juxtaposition, he’s still setting himself up for massive success as the streaming era sings his praises.

PxRRY feat. Jon Vinyl and Tone Stith – “You Don’t Call Me”

PxRRY (pronounced Perry) considered himself to be that “new, superstar R&B artist” that had been missing and he may have been onto something. The Connecticut-born, Los Angeles-based crooner teamed up two of R&B’s finest—Tone Stith and Jon Vinyl— for his newest single, “You Don’t Call Me.”

It’s a soft ballad that compliments the sultry nature of each of their respective tones and highlights the aftermath of a ghosted lover. Although PxRRY plans to bring a bit of edginess back to R&B, he enjoys his mystique. “I’m not really shy, but I’m quiet,” he told Flaunt back in 2020. “I’m observant.”