Beyoncé Teases Travis Scott Feature On ‘Cowboy Carter’

Travis Scott is one of the most coveted feature artists over the last several years, so seeing him on someone’s album is never surprising. However, fans got slightly caught off guard this week when Beyoncé teased a snippet of his appearance on her upcoming country-influenced album, Cowboy Carter.

A Travis Scott fan page discovered the feature on Tuesday (March 19). An Instagram advertisement encouraged fans to pre-order Cowboy Carter on Queen Bey’s official website, and music played in the background. The snippet was shorter than 10 seconds, but long enough for people to hear the “FE!N” artist crooning in his signature autotune tone.

The record sounds very Hip-Hop-leaning, which is interesting since the 32-time Grammy winner has fully leaned into a country aesthetic via her cover art and the two singles, “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages.

Beyoncé also discussed the album being made due to her feeling unwelcome at the Country Music Awards in 2016 and, as a result, diving deeper into the country genre. Travis Scott has shown an effort to explore various sounds throughout his career, so this may not be fully out of his wheelhouse. Check out the snippet above.

This won’t be the Houston natives’ first time collaborating. Scott released Utopia last July which featured the mother of three on the track “Delresto (Echoes).”

As for Cowboy Carter, the “Cuff It” singer asserted that it is not a country album, but a “Beyoncé album” in an Instagram post earlier this week. “act ii is a result of challenging myself, and taking my time to bend and blend genres together to create this body of work,” she wrote. “I have a few surprises on the album, and have collaborated with some brilliant artists who I deeply respect. I hope that you can hear my heart and soul, and all the love and passion that I poured into every detail and every sound.”

Cowboy Carter will officially be out next Friday (March 29). It is labeled the second act in the trilogy which began with Beyoncé’s 2022 album Renaissance. She is also rumored to feature Taylor Swift on the album.

“Y’all guys are gonna have to wait and see,” Killah B, the “Texas Hold ‘Em” producer, told TMZ back in February. “Let’s just say that she is on the approach of shocking the world. I’ll let your imagination decide what that means.” B was also hesitant to reveal how many songs would be on the album, allowing fans to have an unhindered first listening experience when they finally get to listen.