B. Howard Brings The Nostalgia With “Choosin’ (All Eyes On Me)” Single And Music Video

As the summer draws near, more and more musical bops have been hitting the airwaves and streaming platforms. One of the latest club-worthy songs comes from multi-platinum singer-songwriter and producer B. Howard.

“Choosin’ (All Eyes On Me),” co-produced by Howard, Mark “Mogul” Jackson, and Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd, is an upbeat single that puts a modern twist on ‘90s Dnb while fusing it with contemporary pop. It has a catchy chorus and confident lyrics that soundtrack those moments when you step out and draw the attention of onlookers who find your presence magnetically attractive. 

“I cannot help if your girl cannot keep her attention/ Since I walked in she’s been on a mission,” he sings in one verse. “After nothing but them bad intentions.” The energy of confidence is sprinkled throughout the song with “Choosin’” and “All eyes on me when I walk through” echoing in the chorus. 

The song’s new music video, co-directed by Josh Sikkema and Howard, features Howard and a trio of dancers. It’s a simple visual with lucid backgrounds and vibrant effects that place the focus on the song’s theme and narrative.  

“From the making of the beats to planning the visuals, I’m super hyped to drop ‘Choosin” as the first track from [my upcoming] Nostalgia [EP],” Howard tells VIBE about his dance-inducing single. “I hope it lifts your mood, gets you dancing, and lets you enjoy some fresh vibes and good times!”

Howard’s extensive music career includes writing and producing songs with the likes of Ginuwine (“Love You More”), Marques Houston (“Favorite Girl”), Ne-Yo (“I Ain’t Gotta Tell You That”), and more. His solo debut album, Genesis, featured “Dancefloor,” the lead single with production contributions from James Poyser, Benjamin Wright, and Questlove. His LP garnered him a top 20 spot on MTV Japan and the moniker “Prince of Pop” by HMV Music. 

Watch B. Howard’s “Choosin’ (All Eyes On Me)” music video above.