An Album for the Win: Midnight Mights Stuns Fans with “Smile For The Cam”

Toronto-based artist Midnight Mights—Andrew Mighton—is well known for delivering unique sounds from a blend of epic genres and various styles. Cooking together a touch of hip-hop, R&B, and house, he stuns listeners with a never-before-heard sound of trouble-free and fluid tunes. Adding to them quite the collection of compelling hooks, Midnight Mights latest project is sure to grasp your attention and more. With his first album receiving ever so needed praise from fans and audiences worldwide, Midnight Mights was sure to keep his streak going. An album for the ages, “Smile For The Cam,” is yet another hit on the artist’s rap sheet, aside from many singles generating numerous streams online.

The album’s first track, “Voicemail,” is a rather unusual one to have; however, with his M.O., one should not expect anything less for the eccentric artist. From there on, in tracks such as “Jack Frost” and “Can’t Wait,” the artist effortlessly boasts good vibes. With a total of 8 tracks, the album by creative artist Midnight Mights is a sure-fire hit through many crowds.

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