41: Brooklyn’s Rising Collective Igniting the Drill Scene

Hip-hop has always been a breeding ground for exceptional talent. With that being said, Brooklyn has continuously proven to be a hotbed for groundbreaking artists. In the midst of the borough’s burgeoning Drill movement, a collective known as 41 has emerged, ready to take the music industry by storm. Made up of three exceptional artists—Kyle Richh, Jenn Carter, and TaTa—41 brings a fresh energy and unique dynamic to the table. Their individual achievements in the streets of Brooklyn have now coalesced into a powerhouse collective that is poised to make a resounding impact worldwide.

41’s journey began when Kyle Richh, Jenn Carter, and TaTa. All established artists in their own right, crossed paths in the studio. As they worked on their respective careers, they discovered a commonality. One in which would serve as the foundation for their collective endeavor. This shared vision and undeniable chemistry set the stage for their unification. In doing so, it culminated the release of their powerful posse cut, “41 Cypher“. Featuring other Brooklyn affiliates, the track served as a testament to the potential and promise brewing within the collective.

What distinguishes 41 from other groups is the diverse skill set each member brings to the table. Kyle Richh’s lyrical prowess weaves intricate narratives, while TaTa’s infectious energy injects an undeniable vigor into their music. Jenn Carter, on the other hand, captivates with her razor-sharp wordplay and lyrical dexterity. Together, their individual strengths converge, resulting in a cohesive and dynamic sound that sets 41 apart from the crowd.

The Arrival Of Their Highly Anticipated Project, 41 Ways

This year, 41 unveiled their highly anticipated project, 41 Ways, which showcases their evolution as a collective. The project, released to critical acclaim, represents a bold step forward for the trio. It is a testament to their growth and versatility, as they experiment with new sounds and push the boundaries of the Drill genre. Among the tracks that truly shine on the album, “Deuce” stands out. The sizzling single serves as a mesmerizing showcase of their artistry and creativity. With its infectious energy, intricate wordplay, and captivating production, “Deuce” is a testament to 41’s ability to captivate listeners and elevate the Drill sound.

With their innovative approach and unwavering determination, 41 is poised for a meteoric rise in the music industry. The collective’s ability to seamlessly blend their unique styles while continuously pushing boundaries sets them apart from their peers. While continuing to refine their craft and collaborate with other talented artists, 41 will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the global hip-hop landscape. The collective comprised of Kyle Richh, Jenn Carter, and TaTa, is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. Hailing from the streets of Brooklyn, their unification has created a seismic wave within the Drill scene. With their latest project, 41 Ways, alongside their standout single “Deuce” showcases their exceptional talent, chemistry, and ambition.

What’s Next for 41?

Overall, 41 proves that they are at the forefront of the Brooklyn Drill movement. As their influence continues to grow, it’s only a matter of time before 41’s unique sound and undeniable impact reverberate worldwide. As a result, cementing their place in hip-hop history. Keep an eye out for this unstoppable collective as they set the stage ablaze with their unparalleled energy and groundbreaking music. They continue to solidify their position as the vanguards of Brooklyn Drill and leaving an indelible mark on the global hip-hop scene. Lastly, press play on their latest offering “Deuce” here at 24Hip-Hop!



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