Tori Brixx Arrested for Allegedly Breaking Target Customer’s Nose

Tori Brixx, fiancee of Rich the Kid, has been arrested following an alleged altercation that took place at a Los Angeles Target. Apparently, Tori and a middle-aged woman were the ones involved in a scuffle that led to Brixx, allegedly punching the woman in her nose and breaking it.

Allegedly, the woman and Tori were inline to purchase, when Tori reportedly cut in front of the woman, causing the women to go into a verbal exchange. After a collection of videos surfaced online, you can hear Brixx’s friend say that the woman pushed her cart into Brixx, which could be what possibly started the fight.

The woman would then continue their battle in the parking lot, where the alleged mention of running someone over was stated in the argument. The woman’s daughter went to Instagram to express her anger over her mom getting punched in the face. “Felony battery! She was booked. All for some vaseline chapstick. Hope it was worth it. She cut my mom in line demanding to checked out while my mom wasn’t even done with the transaction. Bish starts threatening my mom and they began exchanging words..then out of nowhere she socks my mom in the face.” Tori has not made any comments on the fight, nor has Rich the Kid.