‘The Simpsons’ Writer Leans into Predictions Jokes After 1993 Episode Predicts Pandemic and Killer Bees

The Simpsons have done it again! After predicting Trump as President and numerous other moments in the history of the world, the animated classic got it right again.

A clip from an episode in 1993, “Marge in Chains,” shows character Dr. Hibbert telling citizens there is no cure for a disease during a pandemic. That disease originated in Asia. Sounds familiar right? So what happens next? Well, the citizens of Springfield go shake a nearby truck looking for placebos, not understanding that wouldn’t do anything for them, and find a box of killer bees breaking open causing more hysteria. Sounds familiar again? Yeah, cause news reports are talking about “murder hornets” currently hitting America.

Can’t make this up.

So, Bill Oakley, a former writer for the adult cartoon, hit the timeline and jokingly fesses up to the predictions:

It’s all a huge coincidence but the humor keeps is going in these uncertain times.