Sage Suede & Dazmin D’Leon Drop New Stunning Project: EP Glossy

Sage Suede and Dazmin D’Leon had their fans ecstatic last month when they dropped a surprise single Feel So Light-Headed. On that track, Sage Suede’s vox, and modern heavy beats keep the listener bobbing their head as he spills the truth on relationships and lucid romances. Glossy is a house for 5 stunning, romantic, and equally poetic songs. The balance between Sage Suede’s energy and Dazmin D’Leon’s charm creates a brand new sonic experience.

As the press release explains: Glossy is a provocative work of art that enumerates on the glories and hardships of relationships. As the EP progresses, Sage Suede tells a story of various romances through loving vocals and seductive lyrics. Dazmin D’leon’s keys create a mystical mood that rebounds on the rhythm. Throughout the tracks, Sage Suede rhymes dirty details on relationships, opening the door on the struggles of finding a devoted partner with juicy gossip on break-ups and even fallout from a former hottie.