Rowe Rowe Shares His Vision Of The Music Industry Through His Spotify Playlist Titled Chill Vibes

It all started with an announcement, a call to submit songs for a Spotify playlist, which eventually ended up being home to 431 different tracks from the most diverse up-and-coming artists. 

Rowe Rowe, a 21-year old A&R, rapper and artist manager, believes that the music industry can evolve only through collaboration and the artists’ collective work. To have his own contribution in connecting other rising artists like him, the multitalented young urban creator decided to initiate a call for others to submit music for his playlist, but he wasn’t expecting to get the responses he got: “The talent that came across in my DM was amazing and honestly so many talented producers, songwriters, and artists. I am always receiving DMs on Instagram from upcoming talent and always take a listen; you never know what you will come across. I encourage fellow A&Rs to do the same, you never know who is in your messages and the magic you can create with them,” mentioned Rowe Rowe. He titled the playlist Chill Vibes, and it now has over 2800 followers.