Mixing Cultures And Genres Is Their Specialty: BriGuel Drop An Epic Release – “Mind Takes Hold”

New York City-based artistic couple BriGuel demonstrates the full palette of their talent and creativity in the new release “Mind Takes Hold.” The song gives the artistic vision the duo holds and gives us hints of what we can expect from their upcoming EP. The song liberates the mind and gives an opportunity to feel free of the chains holding us back and controlling us. The flowing soundscape and powerful beats create a perfect musical atmosphere for the message and lyricism to showcase their full potential. The track is a follow-up to the duo’s previous release, “Different View,” and has the same pop-rap formula that Brianne and Miguel have mastered perfectly throughout their multiple releases in the past. 

They mix genres, languages, and create a beautifully touching world of their own. Miguel’s fiery rap in Spanish blends with Brianne’s angelic voice smoothly, and the boldness pays off with the epic sounds the pair creates together. There is no doubt they will reveal even more very soon.