Meek Mill Fires off on DJ Akademiks, Says He’s Canceled

DJ Akademiks has been catching heat from rappers lately after he called Freddie Gibbs irrelevant on his YouTube show Everyday Struggle. Gibbs has been going in on the internet personality ever since and Ak has not been shy about firing back.

Meek Mill is now getting involved saying that Akademiks is canceled. “He’s a bad police and our culture don’t need them… he also gassed a lot of beef that got people killed and hurt and never donated a dollar to the culture! We gone holla at you next run champ,” Meek tweeted on Tuesday.

Meek also retweeted a fan who called Akademiks a lowkey white supremacist. Akademiks shot back at the MMG rapper in a retweet saying “You can’t cancel anyone Meek.”

Many in the hip-hop community have viewed DJ Akademiks as a danger to the culture. The Everyday Struggle co-host grew his platform from a YouTube series called War in Chiraq where Akademiks made fun of rappers in Chicago who were killed or involved in gang activity.

Vic Mensa famously called Akademiks out on his Complex show for trolling people that the rapper grew up with. Since that incident, Akademiks has been more vocal on social media in defending himself going at it with any artist who challenges him on his commentary.