Killer Mike Will Not Reopen His Georgia Businesses to Ensure Employee Safety

The state of Georgia has moved toward opening businesses like restaurants and barbershops despite some thinking it is too early and you are risking people’s lives. Despite Gov. Brian Kemp believing it is safe enough to do so, Killer Mike and his wife, Shay, will not reopen the doors to their businesses.

The two revealed the Swag Shop barber locations across the state will not be reopening as they are still concerned about health conditions, TMZ reports.

“As business owners, we were concerned and we are concerned,” Killer Mike began. “So, I’m excited as a business owner, you have an interest. OK, business could possibly open. But, to be very honest with you our first concern is the safety of our employees and our customers.

“So, we’re gonna wait a while before we reopen because in our community people who look like her husband, there are more of us who are dying, unfortunately. And, it’s because of pre-existing conditions, which makes your immune system weaker, which includes things like diabetes, hypertension, things of that nature. So, we don’t want our customers or our barbers in danger and we wanna wait it out.”

In recent days, Atlanta mayor Keisha Bottoms also questioned the decision to open. She stated the two have a great working relationship but was not included in the conversation to reopen.

“I’m perplexed that we have opened up in this way. And again, I can’t stress enough, I work very well with our governor, and I look forward to having a better understanding of what his reasoning is,” Bottoms said. “But as I look at the data and as I talk with our public health officials, I don’t see that it’s based on anything that’s logical.”