Gill Stackz’s New Release “The Process” Will Make You Process Reality Differently

When you find music that speaks to your heart, it feels like a blessing from the skies. Lots of hip-hop lovers will definitely feel that way about young DC-based artist  Gill $tackz. The artist’s recent release, “The Process,” is capable of turning your world upside down and making you restless. The artist masterfully, as a real professional and genre native, mixes such famous and heavy hip-hop subgenres as the ’60s and 70’s famous Washington DC Gogo and 90’s cult classic hip-hop blending them with his signature sound. 

 “The Process” is atmospheric and expressive. The guitar accompanying the whole song creates a specific vibe unique to the song, and all the beats layered on it develop the music and make it special and complete. Gill’s lyricism is urban to the core yet extremely poetic. He sings his heart out in a bold, straight-forward manner unique to the genre. The poet uses catchy tunes and his flawless flow along with sharp wordplays. His attitude is infectious and inspiring. “The Process” gives us, the genre lovers, hope that a new urban legend is about to be born. So let’s wait and see what Gill will release next.