Dame Dash Plans to Release Weekly Video Content About Maintaining Diabetes

Dame Dash says he has become a “content creating machine” during the quarantine.

The mogul told Page Six that this is the perfect time for “a guy like me to shine.”

“[We’re] in a time where everyone is sitting at home. You have to find the light in the dark… be able to create and understand the whole world does not exist anymore and whoever has a business model about people coming together — whether it’s a club or an artist — you’re not going to be getting no money like that for at least a year… I think this pandemic has forced people to really think outside of the box.”

Dash is diabetic and wants to create content about maintaining the disease, in addition to a weekly cooking show. “I’m going to release new content every single week… I have a daily cooking show called, ‘Health Is Wealth.’ and I’m working on the ‘Dash Diabetes Show’… giving content about maintaining your diabetes because it’s very important to be in control right now,” he said.

Dame Dash is also working on a short film, For NYC, with Noel Ashman and Julie Pacino.