Cinematographer Arthur Jafa Says Kanye West’s Next Album is Reportedly Titled ‘God’s Country’

Renowned cinematographer, Arthur Jafa, who has worked on music videos for Solange and Devendra Banhart, said he’s been working with Kanye West on a new music video.

In a conversation on IG live with fashion icon Michèle Lamy, which surfaced yesterday (May 22), Jafa stated that Kanye’s next album is set to be titled God’s Country.

“It’s from his new record,” Jafa said in the clip. “It’s called God’s Country and this will be, like, the first single, I guess, off of it…”

Jafa also said that Kanye has plans to release his upcoming album and drop new music next week. “I don’t know if I’m supposed to not be announcing it. I may just be spilling the beans. It’s on the new record that’s forthcoming. I don’t know when the album’s coming but the single I think may be sometime next week – maybe, it’s not definite.”