Chun-Li Producer J. Reid Releases First Album Under His Record Label Chevi Muzic Universe

Atlanta native, J.Reid also known as Chevi got his big break in the music industry for producing Nicki Minaj’s biggest comeback records Chun-Li and Barbie Tingz but is now adding label owner to his resume. Chevi Muzic Universe was launched in 2018. As a producer coming up in the music industry, he used to send beats out to several artist. Some artist would record them and release the songs whereas others wouldn’t. He decided about 6 years ago that he wanted to change that process. He started developing artist, helping the singers and rappers record, and assist them in the process of releasing the music. His process has worked over time and it’s been very successful. He has accomplished what he set out to do which is to produce records with artist independently.

“This year I wanted to take it to the next level by releasing more music and marketing it the right way,” he said.

In 2019, he signed music artist, Jamar Langley from Andrews, South Carolina. Reid proudly describes him as one of the most talented artists that he’s ever met so it was a no brainer when it came down to signing him to Chevi Muzic Universe. Jamar plays the Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano and Drums. If that’s not enough, he sings with the spirit of James Brown & Curtis Mayfield all while having the ability to switch up the mood and give smooth vibes like Baby Face.

Currently, Jamar is the only artist that he has signed to Chevi Muzic but Reid also works closely with other various artists who are working on projects such as Morign, K3hz, Pachino Brothas, Yung Wurk and Meen World. He also explained that he doesn’t rush into paperwork when choosing to work with an artist.

“My process is to establish a working relationship first, analyze their work ethic, and lastly make sure the artist is in the music industry for the right reasons,” he said. “When I look for an artist, I always look for a unique sound. I’m interested in artist that have unique voices/talent and those that have the ambition needed to develop that sound.”

He’s currently working with Zonnique Pullins, who is the star from Growing Up Hip Hop and most known on Family Hustle. In addition to that, him and his artist Jamar Langley produced 2 songs for her “Winner,” and “#FTCU.” He also completed his first compilation album under his record label Chevi Muzic Universe. The Album includes various artists like Zonnique, Bloody Jay, Joe Green, Bahja Rodriguez and F.L.Y. The artist who created “Swag Surfin” plus other artist he works. His first single is “Money Callin” by Pap Chanel.

“I’m very thankful that I’ve had the pleasure of working with an artist like Jamar and Zonnique, both who deserve to be heard and who will have great longevity in the music industry,” said Reid. “I’m definitely here to support that.”

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