Big Meech Submits Second Prison Release Request Due to COVID-19

After receiving one denial for an early exit from prison, Big Meech is getting another shot.

As COVID-19 ran rampant around the country, Big Meech filed a request like his brother, Terry “Southwest T” Flenory, to have his sentence reduced by 11 years. Unfortunately for Meech, it was denied. Now, All Hip-Hop reports Big Meech he will get another chance.

Lawyers for Big Meech have said there is little difference in the cases of the two bothers, citing he has a heightened risk of contracting COVID-19 due to age, hypertension, and more.

The petition from Big Meech also cited his stature will allow him to make a positive impact in the African-American community. The petition received support from State Representative Jewell Jones. Additional details include a job lined up for Big Meech upon his release.

The response is set to come to arrive on Tuesday (May 26).