ASAP Twelvyy Tells Smoke DZA He Created Off-White on ‘Independent Thinking’

ASAP Twelvyy popped in on Smoke DZA’s Independent Thinking IG Live show and would talk across a variety of subjects. Along with discussing going from a label to an independent and advice for younger artists, Twelvyy would reveal he is the person behind the creation of Off-White.

“I ain’t gone come at bro or nothing like that. Everybody in the world wears Off-White and I don’t get nothing for it, no shoutout,” Twelvyy said. “We supposed to be brothers as men, you supposed to look out for a real nigga. The fuck you know about Off-White, fuck you know about Pyrex. But a nigga like me have a history with certain shit.

“I’m giving him the science like a beautiful mind but I’m not thinking he that type of person. That’s a nigga playing chess with you but you not knowing he really playing chess. He took it to the stratosphere. I don’t want nothing from it. I can’t feel bitter, can’t feel no way. Niggas like him don’t show love to real niggas.”

Just last month Twelvyy dropped a new project, Before Noon, a 14-track effort featuring ASAP Ant, Lago 2.0, and more. You can stream that here and see the full interview below.